Wednesday, December 16, 2009

War On Kids

Here is a torrent link to the movie, War On Kids. I recommend everyone downloads and watches this movie.

Along with being quite entertaining, the movie is also an eye opener for those of us who haven't been in the public school system for a while. Apparently things haven't changed too much, but security and student medication are on the rise. The film discusses the effectiveness of cameras, metal detectors, police officers, medication, strict discipline and several other tactics we use as a country to ensure our kids get the best education.

The most interesting part of the movie for me was when the idea of compulsory public education was put into question as a whole. Overall, a pretty negative picture is painted. Can't say I'm surprised. I've been an advocate of privatizing the educational system ever since I could conceive of such a thing.

I remember in particular having conversations with some of my friends and heard the idea of even stricter even more standardized education being put forth. So for them, here's an interesting look at the way we currently indoctrinate our youth and the potential consequences of such a system being more rigorous.

Also, here is an interview with the filmmaker on the Colbert Report.

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Incredible Bread Machine

Here's a pretty cheesy, yet though provoking movie from the 70's that Milton Friedman was involved with. It's very short,fun to watch and has a lot of interesting ideas put out there. I particularly enjoyed seeing how the same ideas were discussed decades ago and the context in which the conversations take place is something to take note of (meaning: what the characters are literally doing. Although you are free to examine the societal and economic context of those times as well).  The movie is called the Incredible Bread Machine, which will be described at the end.

My favorite things about the presentations that I've seen Milton Friedman be involved with is that more than one side of all the arguments is given a voice. After the movie there are interviews critiquing the movie and are a must  watch.

Here is the full presentation in black and white. Right under, I posted the movie from the presentation in color so you can watch the intro, then watch the movie in color and then fast forward to the interviews.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

yum. photos

everyone loves photography i assume.

  • This is on the Brooklyn bridge. I never saw a praying mantis anywhere in New York. No idea how this got on the bridge. Must've been an Umphrey's promotion or something

    • One of the reasons for Barcelona's growing child mortality rate.

      Loveline Sunday

      Loveline Sunday - Episode 3
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      I listened to a lot of good episode this week. Some of you heard them with me. As usual, the good times didn't stop. Hope you enjoy this weeks episode.

      Sorry about the lack of updates. Tonight's post should be a doozy.