Tuesday, November 24, 2009

yea mannn.. sweet dreams totally rocks

Thanks to this article about his son, my curiosity with Charles Manson peaked this week. I've been doing some research on him and trying to remember why he's in jail and all that and I came across some really interesting stuff. Here I am sharing...
Let's start with a brief overview from the universe's most trusted source. Here.

If you didn't bother reading too much of it. Here's an important fact to consider for those of you who may not be familiar with the case. Charles Manson never actually killed anyone.

Moving on to, hilarious highlights



Hilarious? yes.

I approached this interview and others of his with an open mind and I suggest you do the same. From all that I've seen, I can say that he does not seem crazy at all and has some really interesting ideas that come from a very unique point of view. His ability to speak, express himself and communicate his ideas across is supremely impressive when I consider that he barely knows how to read and write.
Geraldo does not do a very good job of listening to his answers or asking questions for that matter.

Throughout the interview I found myself understanding where Manson is coming from fairly often. At points it was too much for my own comfort.

Here is Part 1. You can and should feel free to watch all 6 parts (part 7 is only a minute long, but a cool ending).

For those too lazy to watch the whole thing, here I have also included Part 6, which I feel has some really interesting ideas expressed in it, particularly about why there's murder (hopefully it'll entice you to watch the rest of the interview and share your thoughts. Manson seems to have a really unique perspective on the topic, but unfortunately, Geraldo is just no good at communicating and the ideas take a backseat to Geraldo's irrelevant opinions on the man he's interviewing (no idea how this guy keeps his job).

Hope everyone enjoyed all of that, thought about things... Maybe thought about something in a different way. 

Please send me feedback in any way through any medium. Share your thoughts.


  1. i haven't looked at the videos yet but i will.
    this girl in my photo 3 class sophmore year did an entire poster on the alphabet but each letter was a different serial killer. i really wish i had that poster cos there were sooo many i hadn't heard of.
    and theres also this from jezebel:
    this is kind of nuts.

  2. the whole overall feeling of me mentioning seem to be lost on everyone... the whole point is HE IS NOT A SERIAL KILLER, he never killed even a single person. It is amazing that he is only associated with the rest of them and the worst of society.

    something tells me one of that girls letters was manson.

  3. i would totally say he was a serial killer even if he didn't actually kill anybody. he ran a cult- the family- and manipulated his followers into killing people. perhaps he didn't dirty his hands with physical involvement but there is still blood on his hands. and everyone involved with the manson family paid a deep price for it.
    if we are pointing blame and fingers, that is.

  4. i was on a forum the other day and this girl said her dad interviewed charles canson for appeals when he was in pelican bay. he said manson just acts crazy around figures of authority but when he's around prisoners or when he thinks the guards aren't around he speaks normally. but as soon as the guards come around, he hangs off the bars like a monkey and spouts nonsense. her dad got super annoyed after a few interviews and stopped taking his appeals.

    - maya

  5. and i agree with you, he's not a serial killer. even if charles manson personally went to those two houses and killed those people, he wouldn't be a serial killer. a serial killer is a specific thing and charles manson isn't even close to being that thing.

    if we take the premise that as a conspirator manson is considered responsible for the crime (which i don't dispute) then he is a spree murderer or a mass murderer, not a serial killer.

    my point isn't whether or not manson is responsible for these murders, but that the murders don't qualify him as a serial killer. it's got nothing to do with the amount of participation he had in the killers, but the nature of the killing themselves.

    like i said, serial killers represent a specific method of murder, and manson doesn't qualify as that.

  6. on last thing, i wanna punch the interviewer.

  7. Caroline. not sure if you actually watched the interview but judging from what HE says. id say its quite possible he didn't manipulate anybody.

    his theory of him being a scapegoat for a lot of people is a pretty plausible one when one considers all the shit going on in the world and media at the time. Basically the idea is that the facts of the case were spun to demonize him and create a figurehead for everything that is "wrong with drug culture" and the cause of america's problems in general. (he has been labeled both of those things on numerous occasions).

    btw as an interesting comparison. check out this interview with one of the more direct participants. very stark contrast with Manson. she seems to feel extremely guilty amongst other things.


    also.. something a bit less respectable about her than manson.