Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Incredible Bread Machine

Here's a pretty cheesy, yet though provoking movie from the 70's that Milton Friedman was involved with. It's very short,fun to watch and has a lot of interesting ideas put out there. I particularly enjoyed seeing how the same ideas were discussed decades ago and the context in which the conversations take place is something to take note of (meaning: what the characters are literally doing. Although you are free to examine the societal and economic context of those times as well).  The movie is called the Incredible Bread Machine, which will be described at the end.

My favorite things about the presentations that I've seen Milton Friedman be involved with is that more than one side of all the arguments is given a voice. After the movie there are interviews critiquing the movie and are a must  watch.

Here is the full presentation in black and white. Right under, I posted the movie from the presentation in color so you can watch the intro, then watch the movie in color and then fast forward to the interviews.

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