Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Siri's Useful Features

Great little article on Siri's everyday uses. Many of these I've already been using myself and look forward to incorporating more of them into my life.

Siri may seem off-putting at first, but it is a super handy tool in that you don't need to use your hands to use it. This often results in quicker input of ideas or reminders. This is important because that extra second or two that it takes to pull my phone out, find the right app and type in the reminder or idea can deter me from doing so. I'll think "whatever, I'll probably remember" or "meh. not worth it" and move on with my day.

The only discomfort I have with the whole procedure is talking to my phone with other people around, so I just avoid doing that. I'll use Siri non-stop when I'm driving alone or walking down the street with headphones, but I tend to just stick to good ol' typing when I'm in the company of others. I probably won't be able to hack Google Glass either.

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